Environmental Interests

No Showers at the Beach
19 Jan

No Showers at the Beach

No Showers at the Beach Not too long ago,  all South Africans were encouraged to save water starting with their dripping taps in their households. Today, the water crisis in South Africa had become a heightened issue and we find the request to saving...

17 Jan


Air Pollution – how we all suffer When it comes to pollution as a whole, whether natural or man made, the causes are endless. The scary part? Most of it are caused by man itself. In the broader spectrum of matters, we looking at industrial fact...

13 Jan

Keep our environment clean!

Why we should keep our environment clean as a collective… We have been gifted with the earth’s natural resources and everyone enjoys the benefits of these resources. There’s no doubt that over the years, we’ve been taking our ...

11 Dec

Littering on road running events

Running has gained astounding popularity over the last few years. What was once thought of as a sport only for the fast, fit and trim, has turned out to be the ideal sport of choice for all shapes and sizes. Many who used to watch the Comrades Ultra ...

01 Dec

Cape Town Heritage

These structures are part of our environment so lets preserve them! When taking a walk down memory lane, we can’t help but admire South Africa’s colourful history and diverse cultures embodying freedom and hope of a better country. Due to this, it is...