No Showers at the Beach

Inoperative Shower

No Showers at the Beach

Not too long ago,  all South Africans were encouraged to save water starting with their dripping taps in their households. Today, the water crisis in South Africa had become a heightened issue and we find the request to saving water had extended much further than our homes. The surge of water scarcity had is now making its way to public facilities such as showers at beaches.

With the water crisis in South Africa still being much of a wet topic, bathers at our local beaches have to shower at home and bear with a salty depart. This is due to showers being inoperative at the beach. This is a positive step in the right direction in keeping our water supply sustainable, pending stability in our dam water levels. Having said that, local beach goers may visit beaches more prepared, by taking with them a bottle of their own fresh water, and rinsing themselves after their splash.

Let’s all work together in saving water.

Envirolaws (Pty) Ltd

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