Air Pollution – how we all suffer

When it comes to pollution as a whole, whether natural or man made, the causes are endless. The scary part? Most of it are caused by man itself.

In the broader spectrum of matters, we looking at industrial factories,  exhaust fumes from cars and chemical engineering companies releasing chemicals into the atmosphere. All of these factors contribute to the damage made to the Ozone layer by creating holes in the atmosphere leaving the earth vulnerable to the harsh ultraviolet rays. Thereafter, extreme climate change will be the next best thing.

Further narrowing the causes down, we find that each and every person, aware or unaware, has a small role in contributing to the pollution crisis. Household items such as deodorizers, disinfectants, air fresheners, paint and  pesticides  can cause indoor and outdoor pollution which makes it both a lose – lose situation. While you may think you’re not polluting the outdoor air, you are polluting the indoor air thus harming yourself and your family.

On the other hand, there’s the natural causes of air pollution are the after effects of natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, dust storms and evaporation. Again, the damage caused by these natural causes of pollution are not half as bad as man made pollution.

Should we continue the rate we’re going at now, man will become just another statistic of respiratory diseases such as lung disorders, Ashma and other cardiovascular problems. Its time we take stock of our resources and find ways and means to protect it for future generations to come.

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