Keep our environment clean!

Why we should keep our environment clean as a collective…

We have been gifted with the earth’s natural resources and everyone enjoys the benefits of these resources. There’s no doubt that over the years, we’ve been taking our resources for granted by injecting toxins, in the form of hazardous wastes such as litter, air pollutants, automotive garages, smoke of industrial works… the list continues.

A clean environment is a healthy environment. Firstly, what do we mean by “clean environment”?

We’re talking about the elimination of garbage dumps, litter and the everyday toxins released into the atmosphere. Because inhabitants of the environment tailored their surroundings to make it more livable, the complete elimination of hazardous wastes can  pose impossible in some circumstance. For humans to co-operate well with the environment, it is essential to find ways of using natural resources that balances out our needs and the needs of the environment.

For instance, industries making business out of wood, can nurture a more sustainable forestry industry by chopping down less of our trees, as opposed to Chopping down all the trees at once. Every time a tree is chopped down, a new one should be planted so that new trees will grow for future generations.

It all works hand- in – hand…

What we need to understand is that in nature, one element balances out the other.  An imbalance in nature immediately has a ripple effect on the overall process. To put it simply, for instance, the sun provides us with the necessary energy humans require on earth. In turn, it propels the process of photosynthesis in plants, which provides humans and animals with Oxygen. As we know, without Oxygen, there’s no humanity.  This is a very simple, yet relevant example of how nature functions.

The fate of the environment lies in our hands and it is our environmental right and responsibility to find ways to sustain the environment.

What’s your take on environmental management?

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